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Welcome to The Crystal Matrix Center
Matrix International University!

The Crystal Matrix Center was born as a small holistic healing center providing Crystal Therapy, Reiki Healing and Regression Integration. All along we have been providing crystals and minerals to aid clients in their physical healing, their emotional clearing and their spiritual transformation. As we have grown the Crystal Matrix has grown, becoming a center for visitors to rest, to research and to follow their hearts. We acknowledge the truly magical qualities of crystals and minerals... as metaphysical vehicles of change, healing and growth, but also as individual wonders of nature and what the earth has given us to remember our beauty.

Matrix International University is devoted to the development of Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions. Our goal is to exemplify the highest potential of each devotional practice of what is possible in life.

We are a one-year to three-year trimester program. Each branch of study is presented independently, but students will include electives from the other branches of study to complete their required general studies, or 330 hours of study for full accreditation. Courses are offered in classroom and e-classroom settings throughout the year.

This unique approach to metaphysical study invites the student to investigate other areas of esoteric study while in attendance. Students are encouraged to meet all aspects of who he or she might be as a spiritual being incarnate. This approach allows the student to see the world through a broader perspective to integrate him or herself more fully into a conscious world-view of spiritual reality and traditional healing. Required courses allow the student to see the history of traditional vibrational study, as compared to current modern medicine in practice throughout society.

The Crystal Matrix & Matrix International University
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