2017 – Spirit Speaks (December 2016)

Speak to us of what you see for 2017…

This next year will be a time of turmoil and unrest and also a time of immense growth and opportunity to learn how to do the “right thing”. 2017 will be a transitional stage for learning how far both the energy of discourse and the energy of enlightenment can swing. When we look, it is as if a great black hole has been created along side a white dwarf… the white dwarf will always consume the black hole.

Each of you will be called to task in 2017. The task being to heal as much and a quickly as you are able. Next year is for you to see your ultimate strengths and to truly look into your weaknesses. The shadow will be a constant companion in the coming year. Look to see where you are still lying to yourself. What are you avoiding doing in your life? Whatever you have been postponing, your strengths and evolution will be best served by starting, following through and completing what soul tasks present themselves.

The adage, ‘no time like the present’ will apply to 2017. Get it done! Whatever ‘it’ might be, this is your opportunity to complete the job. This is also true for becoming and being the best individual you are capable of becoming. There will be no one but you that will be able to handle whatever job or task arises. If you are seeing something that needs to be accomplished, then let yourself do it. If you see someone that needs help, then you must be the person that steps up to hold the light and protect and love.

This will be a year of becoming protectors… of the water, of the land, of the air, of the animals, of the people. How you treat the planet and all her beings, is completely reflective of how you treat yourself. This will be a year of creating a reality in which your children can, or cannot live in. Do not allow yourself to be only protectors of ideas, money, or limitations. Do allow yourself to open to all of who you are. That means, the old concept of us verses them must be eliminated. The coming year is one in which that idea will no longer be appropriate nor will it be part of future reality. Anyone who still adheres to that limiting belief will find themselves struggling rather than thriving.

Here are the some of the guidelines for you to consider following…

Do not judge. For some of you this will be another focal point soul lesson or task. But do not judge. Judging keeps you separate from not only each other, but from what is important. Judging is a small distraction that keeps you from seeing the larger issues you are being presented with. It also allows you to believe and rationalize what you think. Neither believing or rationalizing will lead you to the truth.

Watch your words. At no other time in your past has this adage been more important. Your words are creating and drawing to you what they represent. If your words are based in fear or lack, then you are pulling or drawing those things towards you. If your words are based in kindness and love, then you will draw that towards yourself. To say someone is ignorant, is not the same as saying they are not well informed; it is not the same as saying a person has lack of consciousness. So again, watch your words they have immense power and transformative powers. They attract what they imply.

Watch your thoughts. These also will be creating what you want… or do not want. If your thoughts are neutral in being, they will neither create nor amend reality. Your thoughts are the gateway to your words… and both are immediate in results.

Learn your own magic. Each of you have magic and are able to manifest what magic you have. So, do not expect someone else to create magic or circumstance for you. This is not a time of waiting for a magic elixir or a magician to change or illuminate your reality. This is a time for you to illuminate reality around you.

You and your power are needed right now. We are with you today and tomorrow just as we have been with your all your yesterdays. Remember who you are that you may remember you are loved.

Blessings In Light,
Lord Melchizedek

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