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  • Clear Quartz Bowl

    Clear Quartz Bowl

    $1330.0067 oz12"L x 8"W x 2.75"H

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  • Clear Quartz

    Bring in the clarity! Clear Quartz will mimic its environment, do you? Are you reflecting the thoughts or actions of people around you? Do you feel drained and tired from certain people or experiences? Do you feel energized and joyous other times? If so, now is a good time to transform those vibrations into clear […]

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  • Patinaed Steel with Clear Quartz Lamp

    Pantina'ed steel lamp with quartz crystal inset

    This hand crafted lamp is Patinaed Steel with a Clear Quartz window. This stunning lamp also has an adjustable dimmer control. $650.00

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  • Clear Quartz Crystal Skull

    Clear quartz crystal skull - front view

    Clear quartz, crystal skull with sweeping clouds, pockets of rainbows, and inclusions. $210.00 Source: Brazil.

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  • Rainbow Quartz: Clusters of Joy

    Rainbow Quartz, aka Anandalite(tm)

    Rainbow Quartz (aka Anandalite*) grows much like Spirit Quartz from Africa. But, where Spirit Quartz grows with multiple small amethyst terminations around one single quartz crystal these quartz clusters grow as small terminations or multiple terminations around a piece of quartz or black coral. The points have full multi-colored faces that have not been treated […]

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  • Angel Aura Quartz: Stone of the Month for September 2016

    Angel Aura Quartz

    Angel Aura Quartz Angel Aura Quartz Crystals are clear or white quartz with inclusions of white, yellow, peach, brown, gold, orange, blue, pink or red. They are an Amphibole Quartz specimen and may include as many as eleven different mineral inclusions, but usually only two or three will grow within a quartz crystal at one […]

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  • Quartz: Stone of the Month for July 2016

    Quartz Crystal is one of the most common minerals on the planet. Found growing with aquamarine and topaz, it can lead the way through a mine to gold or other precious minerals. It has been the darling of the New Age for a number of years. Because of its numerous growth formations and its multiple […]

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  • Smokey Quartz: Stone of the Month for June 2016

    Smokey Quartz is a light brown, to dark grayish-brown, to black quartz crystal. It is also called “smokey topaz” and “topaz quartz.” It is formed through an intense heat of 200-c and most often found in hydra-thermal veins within the Earth. Where clear quartz acts as a transmitter of energy, Smokey Quartz holds a great […]

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  • Cathedral Quartz with Self Healing and Babies

    Cathedral Quartz with Self Healing and Babies

    Cathedral Quartz, with stand (not photographed) spires in it’s master teacher formation, aiding in drawing in that finer quality of light to manifest a greater good through cosmic connection. This particular working piece has self-healed and contains babies in the formation. This Cathedral Quartz has great clear qualities that really catch the light.  $160.00 5.875″ h X […]

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