Amethyst Crystals: Stone of the Month for April 2017

Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst crystals, with their pale to deep purple coloring, remind us of royalty and the Divine. Still regarded as the Bishop’s Stone, amethyst has a rich and ancient history dating back to the Israelites and the holy Breast Plate of Arron. Its purple color is associated with St. Germaine and the Archangel Zadkiel, both keepers of the Divine Path of service and humility.

Each continent of the world produces its own unique form of Amethyst. Brazil brings a medium to dark purple Amethyst that carries a high frequency suitable for meditation and for relieving a nervous stomach or indigestion. It is the most abundant of the Amethysts.

Vera Cruz Amethyst, from Vera Cruz, Mexico, grows in a pale lavender, to occasional medium purple. It is frequently double terminated and often found phantoms within. This is the rare Amethyst growing with six uniform sides rather than the more common alternating large-small, large-small, large-small sided variation. Vera Cruz Amethyst Crystals hold a gentle and quiet vibration that’s perfect for aiding your sleep patterns, for relaxing after a stressful day or soothing a headache. They are also great stones for connecting with your guides and spirit teachers.

Growing in Madagascar is Candle Amethyst, or Pine Cone Amethyst, formations. I’ve found these to be a great aid in stabilizing astral travel and for higher dimensional work during channeling.

Also available are Amethyst Clusters that, when placed in the center of the home, bring a strong sense of relaxation and grounded-ness to the environment. Our animals love these stones and calm down within 24 hours of placing them in the home.

Amethyst Geodes are also an excellent way to calm an environment. You might try placing a geode near your pet’s bed to help with anxiety. Any large geode or cluster of Amethyst will automatically keep tensions nullified within a room, home or work space.

Canadian Amethyst, referred to as Auralight, grow with smokey Quartz and hematite inclusions. Here is a single mineral that grounds, protects and enlightens simultaneously. Auralight is a high vibration stone that is unassuming and unpretentious, it supports the greater for the singular. It encourages you to seek the enlightenment you have been avoiding… that dream you’ve been avoiding, that soul link that you’ve been blinded to by 3-D obligations and distractions.

Bolivian Amethyst is the one Amethyst that naturally have Citrine inclusions. Called Ametrine, this is a balanced mineral of physical manifestation and higher consciousness, focus and dreaming.

No matter which variety of Amethyst Crystal you are drawn to it will remind you to listen to the still small voice within. It asks you to release old beliefs and patterns that you may open the pathways of possibility and Divine Truths.

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