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  • Labradorite: the Galactic Feldspar

    Labradorite is a type of feldspar crystallizing in masses and tabular crystals. It ranges in color from white, yellow and grey. Its most brilliant and colorful range shows patches of peacock blue, coppery red and dusky gold labradorescence. Along with its wide color range, Labradorite also has a wide range of metaphysical properties. Yellow Labradorite […]

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  • Danburite: Stone of the Month for July 2017

    Danburite Cluster

    Danburite is a prismatic crystal found primarily in Mexico. It is also found in Madagascar, Russia, Bolivia, Burma and Japan. At first glance, it resemble topaz, but it can be identified by its strong striations running parallel to the length of the crystal and with triangular, chisel-shaped terminations. This beautiful stone most frequently grows as […]

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  • Amethyst Crystals: Stone of the Month for April 2017

    Amethyst Crystals

    Amethyst crystals, with their pale to deep purple coloring, remind us of royalty and the Divine. Still regarded as the Bishop’s Stone, amethyst has a rich and ancient history dating back to the Israelites and the holy Breast Plate of Arron. Its purple color is associated with St. Germaine and the Archangel Zadkiel, both keepers […]

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  • Obsidian: Stone of the Month for April 2017


    Obsidian is a natural glass of volcanic origin that is formed by the rapid cooling of viscous lava. Obsidian is one of the most powerful stones to clear a space, pull out negativity, or eliminate old patterns of thought or ideas. If you are no longer using an old energy – or wish that you […]

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  • Choosing, Cleaning and Charging Crystals

    Crystals, mainly referring to minerals from the Quartz genre, have been used since ancient times. Huge quartz crystals are referred to in ancient Sanskrit writings. Reference tells us they were used to propel wheeled vehicles down the road. Egyptians used rose quartz as a beautifying aid, and amethyst as protection for their traveling emissaries; ruby […]

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  • Astrophyllite – Stone of the Month for March 2017


    Astrophyllite is a rare titanium mineral that typically forms as thin bladed, radiating patterns. Its crystalline formation, or ‘habit’, gives this mineral its name, from the Greek words astro meaning “star” or “heavens” and phyllon meaning “leaf”. Its name translated means “star sheets” and probably is in allusion to the intergrown starlike aggregates that it […]

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  • Buying Crystals Online: Best Practices

    Buying Crystals Online - best practices

    I’m cautious when buying crystals online. I’m used to touching the stones and getting a sense for them before I complete a purchase. Because an online purchase can be either surprisingly good, or sadly unfortunate, I like to know my supplier before I buy. I bought a 3″ crystal skull that actually measured 1 1/2″; […]

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  • Tiger Eye – February 2017 Stone of the Month

    Tiger Eye

    Tiger Eye is a quartz mineral embedded with fibrous materials. As a pseudomorphic stone, it has transformed from the blue or green fibers of asbestos in quartz. This original material is naturally tinted blue and called Crocidolite or Hawk’s-Eye. Tiger Eye’s golden coloration is created by iron oxides within the once fibrous Crocidolite. It is […]

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  • Shopping For Stones: Finding the Right Crystal

    Shopping for Crystals, Stones, and Minerals

    Shopping for stones can be easy and fun. Yes, there are a lot of choices, but don’t let the variety of choices throw you. The first thing to remember is to trust yourself. Since this is a good rule to apply to so many aspects of life, it certainly applies here. Many shoppers have a […]

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