Check out The Matrix Talk Show’s episode on Disclosure!

On April 8th, some members of our community got together to talk about Disclosure on The Matrix Talk Show

“The Elements of Disclosure”

Personal Encounters: Who’s had them? What do they look like? How do they affect the Now?
Removal of Implants: Are they real? How do you recognize an implant? How can they be removed?
Arcturians vs reptilians: Are they aliens or are they angels? Is there a difference? Is it important in what we know?
The Shift / The Event

Panelists: Lisa Frith, Lisa Roman, Ayamanatara
Moderator: Patricia Asheme Bankins
Location: The Crystal Matrix in Los Angeles, CA

Our next episode will happen LIVE on July 8th at 5pm. Come be a part of our studio audience!

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