Control – A Message from Lord Melchizedek

There is nothing you can truly control. All your endeavors to stop time, manage circumstance, or manipulate reality is false.

To control time is like pretending you are not in the body you chose in this lifetime. To manage circumstance is like deciding to force the sun to rise in the west and the moon to create light for the day. To manipulate reality is like trying to stop the force of the planets into another orbit. None of these things are possible for you and none of them are yours to do. You may attempt these things, but you will not succeed.

When you force others to do your bidding you are stealing another’s ability to choose their own destiny. Even as small children when the choices of circumstance are not left open, the child will follow the dictates but will later rebel without understanding why this rebellion is so necessary. Children that are strongly controlled will become angry, confused human beings. This angry confusion leaves to the person always searching for what they do not have or seek to understand. There will always be a sense of something missing in their lives. Lack of love and kindness in childhood will leave the same effect. Those that truly love have no need to control. Those that control have no true ability to love. The affect is the same to those who are receiving.

When you attempt to manage circumstances you are cutting off the universal energy of abundance and right action. The universe is set up to work with your wishes and desires. It is created to work in alignment with your true nature and in accordance with universal law and the wishes of your Higher Self. When you approach life with management of circumstances, you are reacting from the remnants of confusion and childhood wounds, your decisions are initiated through misunderstanding of reality rather than seeing with an open heart and clear mind. You restrict the universal energies and then wonder why you fail. Needing to control all outcomes leaves you with only the portion of situations that you, in your limited abilities, are able to see. If you were able to step back and trust, you would be aware of a much larger picture of possibilities and opportunities. When you see only from what you are aware of, you are not seeing the whole picture.

When you falsely manipulate reality, you are once again operating from limited knowledge. Limiting knowledge is a result of lack of trust originating from fear. Fear is the by-product of being controlled or feeling out of control both of which are remnants of lack of love.

Each time we speak to you, we speak to you of the importance of love. Of loving the Self and of loving one another. Every aspect of your life is the reflection of these two actions. Without these two actions, your life feels like a large boulder rolling ever faster down a mountain toward you as you stand immobile. With these two actions, you are able to feel not only safe inside your body, but safe within your life. With these two actions, you are able to allow others to know the safety you emulate and learn from you rather than avoiding your life.

If you are seeking control, then practice love and kindness. These two actions are the sole control of which you will be successful. Love and kindness are the open hearted actions of circumstances in alignment with the Universe and the Divine purpose. Love and kindness are the only reality of any importance. All else is false in its attempts to create the illusion of safety. There is no need to create safety when safety is already within you.

Blessings In Light,
Lord Melchizedek

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