Intersectionality: A Panel on Blending the Cultural Divide

Please join us on Thursday, September 14th, at 4pm Pacific time, for another in our Teacher’s Panel series! This panel will explore Intersectionality and Blending the Cultural Divide. Today’s society is fracturing into fragments of class, culture, race, gender, orientation, age and ideas. Where these separations have always been an underlying societal element of everyday life, the separations and differences are currently more evident than ever. Protecting our ideas, our sense of culture and self is becoming a greater and greater means to separate from not only one another, but from our humanity. But are these differences real or only a contrivance of something else. Join us for another insightful Crystal Matrix Panel to learn where you fit in and truly belong.

Panelists will include:
Patricia Asheme Bankins – moderator
Rev. Kevin Kline
…and others, to be announced

You may attend virtually, via Zoom, or in person
Online attendees will receive a link before the panel begins

Will you attend…

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