Join us for a discussion on the Elements!

What do we mean by the elements? Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. Not just in their physical forms, though – the energies they contain, and the personalities of their corresponding Elementals.

Occasionally, some of our instructors like to gather and discuss topics of wider interest. In the past we have done panels on Being an Empath, Seeing the Dead, and Predictions for 2017. This month, we will be discussing the Elements. Specifically, their energies, how they can be used to move through challenges, and how to combine them for purpose. We are also going to delve into how the energies of those elements are showing up in our current socioeconomic/political scene, and how that awareness can benefit us.

Moderated, as always, by Jeffrey Albaugh, our panelists will be Ora B. Nance-Woodley (Air), Zac Monday (Fire), Ayamanatara (Earth), and Patricia Asheme Bankins (Water).

New for this panel, you will be able to attend live on the internet via the Zoom app!

Thursday, July 20th, 2017
4:00pm (Pacific time)

Will you attend…

Bring your questions and your curiosity!


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