Dimensional energies in play upon the planet

Hold onto your beliefs and what you know to be true. No matter what the outside influences, hold onto your truths. Many energies are reflecting what can be possible not only on your planet, but in your world view. The sensitivity to outside influences is over-whelming to many of your children. These fragile beings, without strong personal cores are acting in the collective consciousness rather than in the individuation that has been stronger in the past times. They are more frequently influenced by the energy of hate and confusion than ever before. This means that they are easily influenced not just by ideas, but by the intensity of current energies. Many of these children are highly intuitive and thus easily influenced by both the 3-D world and thoughts, and also by the 4-d and 5-D energies.

Let us speak of these additional dimensional energies in play upon your planet. You see and hear by the expected third dimensional influences. What you read, what you see, on your media devices and by the collective consciousness of those in family, school, friends, institutions. A larger portion of you are also being influenced, and thus susceptible to control, through the larger collective. This collective is mostly unseen and unheard by third dimensional means. It is in the underlying messages that subliminally move through your media and societal structure.

Many of you are questioning what is real and what is not real in your media, your politics, your leaders. This is one of the reasons the last election was exactly as it was. It’s underlying purpose was to wake you up to what has been quietly controlling thought and action in your world. Impossible? Not from our perspective as we watch amongst you. We can no longer influence you, but those in quiet power have and continue to attempt control.

These in quiet power are both in third dimension and in fourth and fifth dimension and so are indiscernible unless you are aware. You are not aware unless you question. We last spoke to you of these concerns when last we connected. These concerns were of you being as cattle or unthinking beings. You do not naturally have a collective mind as many animals do. Your greatest gift is your ability to have individuation and critical thinking. It is the gift of choice. To question is your nature. To not question is the result of many centuries of mental control. We have been waiting for you to wake up. It is by this waking up that we are once again able to speak to you in deeper terms and know that many of you can hear us. You are questioning and wondering what is real and unreal in your reality and this is the doorway by which we, the Ascended Beings, may speak to you. We can now ask you for the assistance of consciousness and rely on you to open your consciousness up to your Higher Self and the Divine.

Protect your children. This is more than whether they are receiving a 3-D education, it is whether they are safe in their environment. Not just the air they are breathing and the waters they are drinking, but the electromagnetic energies they are immersed into. These E-energies are easily used to send disrupted waves into the environment and to confuse the mind and the emotions. Those that are then more susceptible can be sent to the wrong location, they can be confused by information and make decisions that will result in their harm. They are overwhelmed by these E-energies. So we ask you to make yourselves available to intercept and direct the energies.

How may this be possible? By holding yourself in stillness and ‘seeing’ what electromagnetic energies are currently resonating in your immediate environment. You, who have listened with open minds and hearts, are able to discern these energies and teach those who do not yet hear. Speak to them, do not be afraid of what someone will think, but whether they will be able to think at all.

Do not discount anything as being ‘too’ impossible. If something can be conceived, it can be created and by thinking or imagining, it is already being created.

Blessings In Light,
Lord Melchizedek

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