A Message from Melchizedek for May 2017

All of your energies are moving quickly. Everything is moving into alignment as the external planets position in what you know as ‘retrograde’. Your planets represent the elements of thought, emotion and renewal. At any given time they are either in support of who you are or in realignment of who you are. This realignment will set up the possibilities of motivation and purpose for the next 5-10 years and you are on board to experience this miracle.

Do not be concerned with trivial information or distresses. These are merely moving through your reality as a comet moves through the universe. Rarely does the comet make contact, it is only passing through. This is what we would have you see of your current 3-D experience. They are merely passing through and will do very little damage unless you call them into your reality. We have been speaking to you of this focus or non-focusing for a while now. Are you still focusing on what is being shown to you or are you starting to disengage from these distractions and beginning to see through the haze of conflict and illusion? The illusion is very strong right now, but soon, very soon, this illusion will be lifting like fog from the field and you will see the truth of what is really lying in front of you and your country.

Take a breath and focus on what is most important to you, not to your ideals, not to your social standing, nor to your social groups. What has been trained into you, what has been the exceptions of the norm, these you must release so that you may move into Truth and Enlightenment.

Ready yourself for the new energies, the faster vibrations, that are approaching your planet. These energies your planet is already in alignment with. She is moving up her resonance and aligning with all the other planets in the near universe. These new energies and frequencies are moving through the galaxy and into your home universe at a rapid pace and your planet is preparing. This acceleration is part of why you may be feeling anxious or uneasy. The 3-D downloads are the illusion of why your think you’re uneasy, this is not the case. It is in fact the newer shifting of your DNA and your planet’s DNA that is actually making you feel out of balance.

The dark cabal and all their realm are showing you only what they think you will believe. You must decide what you believe, not an outside force saying what is so. Take the time to be with yourself. Breathe, and focus; breathe and meditate. These will allow you to see the visions of your future without the interference of anything else. If you allow yourself to focus and listen deeply you may each see and hear with is speaking to you soul and higher selves. Only in this way, may you know what you are here to accomplish and who you may accomplish this with.

There Is So Much More Than What You Are Able To See Or What You Are Being Shown.

We cannot emphasize this enough. Those of you able to read this transmission will already be resonating to the Truths that are being given. Those of you who cannot understand… we have no words.

Do not focus only on the dark cabal, this is the way to be drained of energies and substance. Do not focus only on the 3-D elements and this will only lead you around in circles of untruths and illusion. Focus instead on what is in your heart and listen to the elements and to your planet. She will always impart the truth to you. Because she is the element of information for you and all earthbound sentient beings, she is the first defense against disinformation and also the first place the dark cabal will attack. Do you not want to defend her when she is being harmed? But think, is this immediate defense a way to protect her, or is it a manipulation that takes from your focus and leaves you open and vulnerable. There are some here that will always defend and protect her and there are also those that will use her for their own purposes and means for manipulations. We ask you each time we speak to pay attention, to be attentive to what is not only being shown to you but also what is definitely not being shown. Look beneath the surface. Look into your hearts and listen with your souls. We will speak again.

Blessings In Light,
Lord Melchizedek

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