Messages From Melchizedek – March 2017

Walk in the Light, the way that leads all life out of conflict and confusion. You might think this type of walking is more difficult at this time, it is not. Let your minds see what is real and disregard that which is not real.

It is easy to separate these two ideas of Light and conflict by focusing on what is eternal rather than on what is transitory. You live in a transitory world of illusion and potential conflict, yet your soul still connects to that All That Is. This in itself creates conflict and unresolution in your life.

How do you stay in the All That Is? Let yourself daily remember where you come from rather than where you think you are going. This is not avoiding the moment, rather, it is being one with the Light. Seeing the Light equates to being the Light, and that is who and what you are. We speak to you of these things regularly and yet the distractions of your present life are many and loud. Remembering is a daily practice in which you need to participate if you want to walk in a greater sense of peace within the conflict.

Why is there conflict? There is conflict because so many souls are seeing only that which is presented to them in third dimensional experience. They have forgotten where they come from and who they are as spirit. So much information is available to each of you in your world, yet there is need to edit that information down to its rarest truth rather than believing all that you are shown or told now and from the past. Here is the essence of what we continue to tell you. We will continue to voice our truth and what we know as the Truth of the Universe as long as you need us to remain your reminders of what IS rather than what is not.

Why can’t I believe what is in my world? You world shows you all the emotional experiences that every individual is undergoing through all time. Not just what is being experienced today, but through all time. In this way, there is even greater confusion and questions that arise when you try to move out of the pattern of your life. Conflict breeds even more conflict as consciousness breeds more consciousness. Your challenge is to make the choice of where to look and in which arena you choose to experience.

What your world is presently undergoing is the cleansing of many centuries of emotional misconceptions and unconsciousness. As we have spoken, it is and will be messy to walk amongst. Rising above the illusions of these emotions and old beliefs is the current challenge you each must face. It is allowing you to clear all old ideas that do not serve the Light, that do not serve the humanity of your world, and thus do not serve you. Rather than being aware of only who or what is unconscious, use the examples you are being given to clear the old and unuseful from your own beingness.

She you call Earth, who we call Gaia the Attainable, is a dimension of emotional lessons and experiences unlike any of the planets. This is why she is so sought after to develop upon. Many should travelers seek this one planet to experience that which only she can provide. The levels of emotion and feeling that only reside here. Some of you move through quickly, some of you are transitory, and some of you become attached and choose to stay. It is those of you who have chosen to stay many, many centuries ago that are now being asks to shed old ideas and emotions. And it is these same that are struggling with those lessons.

Walking in the Light is easier and more fulfilling and with less struggle when you are not burdened by old concepts of smallness, unkindness and hatred. You cannot create kindness without truly knowing what it is to be unkind; you cannot create unlimitedness without knowing your limits and fears and you cannot create love without embracing hatred. These lessons are part of why you chose to walk the earth. To be part of her and thus allowing her to teach you her lessons.

Blessings In Light,
Lord Melchizedek

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