Small Labradorite Sphere


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A smaller sphere of Labradorite with the darker and muted colors mirroring clouds, deep waters, veils between worlds. Imagine playing with this piece under moonlight! Labradorite connects us to our intuitive senses through the element of wind, allowing us to see past dualities into the truth. It awakens magickal ability and strengthens the auric field from unwanted intuitive intrusions.  $102.00

3.42″ h X 3.42″ w X 3.42″ d*
Weight: 13.45 oz
*Note that because of the irregular shape of natural minerals, size specs are based on largest, widest, and longest  point to point measurements.

Additional information

Weight 13.45 oz
Dimensions 3.42 x 3.42 x 3.42 in


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