Speak to Us of Our Differences – Spirit Speaks for November 2016

Speak to us of our differences…

There are no differences, there is only that which is the same. We have spoken to you in the past of how each of you are a reflection of the other. You and the other are one, we have said.

You are experiencing a resurgence of political figures expounding on how you are different from one another. This is not a mistake. Rather, it is perfect timing for each of you to practice loving rather than hating.

Loving shows how you understand the deeper meanings of oneness. Hating reminds you of your loss of self…your loss of your own Divine nature…your total connection with the Godhead. Loving shows you how deeply you are part of the universal whole. This is your heritage, loving…not hating.

There are no mistakes at any time. You are thus watching those that embrace the energy of stagnation rather than growth, the energy of the old rather than the new. It is as simple as that. Allow your mind to emerge with consciousness and expansion rather than focusing on how little there is, how little there will be or how bad. All those thoughts are merely attempts to manipulate consciousness rather than expanding consciousness. How you choose to react or respond is solely a personal choice. Notice which choices you are focused on at this time.

This is a powerful time to be alive and show how you are able to thrive in the face of adversity. It is showing you how strong your lessons have been and how there is nothing that you lack.

Your job is to come from kindness and love and be the example that another might be needing in this moment in this time.

You have chosen to be in this life, on this planet, in this society, in this adversity to flex your spiritual muscles and spread your spiritual wings.

Spread your wings and fly high beloveds. We are flying with you on this journey.

Blessings In Light,
Lord Melchizedek

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