Spirit Speaks: August 2016

Speak to us of slavery…

Slavery is a state of mind. While you think of slavery as a removing of the freedom of another, we see slavery as the mental prison that it is. For a moment, allow your mind to consider this concept of a mental prison. In this prison, you cannot see the light, you cannot know sustenance, you cannot hear another’s call to you, you cannot hear the truth, you cannot remember who you are as a soul. This prison is so dark there is no hope of ever being free of it, there is no hope.

In this prison, there is only a sense of endless nothingness and the desire to want everything that is being denied to you. This then, is true slavery. And this slavery, this imprisoned state of mind is attached to not just your mind, but your soul. Until you can free yourself from this mental state or attitude you will recreate this desire to not be in this state for all your relationships and lifetimes. For many centuries, earth time, this attitude of enslavement has been a factor in how you see others in relation to self. For many centuries, it has been the way of demanding you are not enslaved by showing that another person is enslaved. These ideas are false, and yet they continue to permeate the fabric of your thoughts and in turn society.

This is how physical slavery has been created on earth. It has been created by the mentally imprisoned capturing the thoughts, the emotions and the bodies of another. Your current history shows this as a point of great suffering, guilt and shame. Yet it is the entire population that created this that we see as truly imprisoned. We see the clamps and the barriers upon your minds that keep you in this state of non-freedom. Any of you have the power to open the door of the prison to walk into enlightenment.

So we ask ourselves, what is keeping you from this enlightenment, from walking into complete emotional and mental freedom? Is it not the mind controlling your circumstances? Is it not the emotions that believe there is no way out and in their fear they repeat the condition? Is it not these two factions of who you are that have continued to work together to enslave the essence of who you are as a soul?

As we ask ourselves this, we also support the opening of each prison cell on the physical. This means that each memory you are holding is being given the opportunity to release cellularly on the physical level so that the memory of slavery is no longer part of your actual physical condition.

As each of you takes the conscious choice to release from the cells of your body, you then release from the mind and the emotions. And, as you release from the mind and the emotions, you release from the cells. Moving forward, each of you that can release will then open a pathway for freedom of self to each other individual. The consciousness of slavery can then begin to be released from humankind. Releasing slavery will release greed, aggression, hatred, and fear. While we have long instructed you to love one another, we are adding this also. In order to love one another, you must free yourself. You must stop reliving your past and embracing the wounds that you hold so dear. It will also mean that you will have the opportunity to carry this freedom into your next existence. You will not need to recreate enslavement in what you call the after life. Releasing the past will not weaken you, it will in fact strengthen you beyond measure. It will strengthen you to the degree that you will choose to know only love. Love of self, and love of the other.

We have long said to you that you and the other are one. This is still true and no time more than now. Every thought you have, every action you take, is immediately reflected back to you. You will need to clear the mind and the emotions so that they are being sent out as a clear channel of love and harmony. If you begin to have non-harmonious thoughts or emotions, acknowledge these as old programs created as beliefs and immediately reset these thoughts and emotions. Do not allow these old programs to affect your physical state. Do not allow old programs to continue to affect your relationships, both with those you know and those you have not met. Your practice of consciousness will free you from many things in your world. They will most certainly erase the overlays of slavery.

Blessings In Light,
Lord Melchizedek

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