Spirit Speaks: September 2016

Speak to us of the political arena and the upcoming elections…

For so long we have spoken to you of love. Love is the only way to handle any situation that might arise. Love is the only way to handle any situation that might arise. There is never any room in our universe for anything other than love. And there is never any room in your world for anything other than love.

Love then, is the answer to all your problems, all you dilemmas, all your conflicts. There is no other way. When you ask of the conflicts arising with your upcoming elections, it is with these same words that we will answer to you. Love, love, and more love. Love is not just an emotion as so many believe, it is an action word of the strongest merit.

Look to your candidates to see not just how to love them, but look to your candidates to support them in the action of love. If you are still unsure, then look in your country for what is most expressing the opposite of love. This is always an easy way to see reality. What is the opposite of love? It is of course hate, but hate, or non-love, can express itself in so many actions and emotions.

There is the emotion of fear, and that is expressed through anger but more subtly as bullying. You are seeing a great deal of bullying on the personal and the national level in your country and the outcome or fallout from such an action. What does this bullying look like? It is the neglect of a parent to a child; it is the educational institutions to not teach consciousness; it is the corporations embracing greed over humankind; it is the nation disallowing not just a voice of reason, but the right to have a voice. These are all forms of bullying and they are being expressed by more and more of your peoples. The position of a conscious person is to notice who or what is doing the bullying, and bring voice to it; through your personal sharing and through those to who you will give your vote.

How then can love compensate for this action of bullying? By loving yourself enough to speak for those that have no voice. By loving yourself enough to show others what that expression of freedom looks like in reality. By sharing the expression of self love in standing with those that will create a voice in your communities for conscious human rights.

If there is no one there to expression that voice, then consider how you may be that voice. Find others that can express the action of love, self-love, kindness, compassion, consciousness, truth. All this we have spoken of in the past and it does not change in the present or in the future of your kind.

We see that humanity, not just your country, is on a precipice of great growth and expansion. All outcomes are focused on this expansion. There is no wrong choice, but there will be different struggles for your country and humanity at large depending on the outcome you allow. You have chosen to be part of the great wave of change and consciousness during these times. Stay true to your own higher selves and true to the perfection of what love can be and all will be well.

We see your world as being entirely equal for all beings, sentient and no-sentient. We see your world as being an example of what perfection can look like in form. We see your world as totally loving. Practice your humanity and see your world through our eyes.

Blessings In Light,
Lord Melchizedek

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