Amphibole Quartz: A high frequency crystal (January 2019)

Amphibole Quartz

Amphibole Quartz, or Angel Phantom Quartz, is a rare variety of included quartz from Brazil. The inclusions may include Actinolite (white; more iron than magnesium), Tremolite (white; more magnesium than iron), Hornblende (pale grey/white), Riebeckite (grey), or Richterite (brown, yellow, red, green) in combinations or singly. The colors, depending on the combinations of minerals will range from white, orange, red and brown.

This unusual crystal connects to both the sixth chakra and the crown chakra. Its high frequency expands consciousness and awakens the vibrations of the angelic dimensions. Using one of these crystals will assist in your abilities to receive guidance form spirit guides and teachers, and your angelic helpers. It is also an excellent mineral to keep with you when trying to connect with the energy of a loved one that has passed. It keeps the energy of peace and love in the atmosphere in which it is being used. Unlike some other crystals that awaken the upper chakras, Amphibole Quartz has a mellow and calming affect when in use.

Use this crystal while meditating to keep centered to receive insights and guidance. It may also help you to uncover deeply hidden emotion patterns from childhood traumas and past lives that you may have brought forward into this life to resolve and heal. Healing past life trauma will enable you to move forward more easily with your dreams and aspirations.

Phantoms always speak to us of past lives. And this particular specimen is no exception. The more phantoming seen in the quartz crystal, the more effective it will be for working with past lives.

Sleeping with an Amphibole Quartz will calm the inner voices that may trouble you causing worry or stress. Try keeping one by your bedside to eliminate insomnia and restlessness.

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