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  • Perceptions of reality: show us the real from the unreal

    Speak to us…Show us the real from the unreal. How do we differentiate one from the other in these times? Your perceptions of reality must be taken from your perspective of who you are, rather than who someone else appears to be. ‘Appears to be’ is the key phrase when you are in relationship. So […]

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  • Shungite: The Wonder Stone

    Found in only one place near Lake Omega in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West Russia, the mineral Shungite is a semi-hard black amorphous coal like material composed of more than 95% carbon. Regarded as a “wonder stone” it is said to kill and absorb everything that does harm to people and to concentrate […]

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  • Rhodizite: a powerhouse for empowerment and healing


    Rhodizite is a small stone with great power and potential. Reflective of our own human qualities, this little powerhouse resonates with the Third and Crown Chakras. It both adjusts and strengthens confidence and personal power. Rhodizite is a perfect mineral vehicle for working with the amplification of the new life energies we are all experiencing […]

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  • Speak to us of Focus

    Singularity or collective focus these are what you must open your mind to at this time… Focus on what is important and nothing else. This specific time in existence was set aside for souls to realign with what is important and only that. Each life and each lifetime has the opportunity to excel or to […]

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  • Jade: Solid Grounding in the Earth


    Jade grows in a multiple of colors, but is most known for its deep green formations. It is not a particularly high vibrational stone, but more deeply enmeshed with the earth and the resonance of Earth’s formations and adjustments through time. Holding jade allows you to become settled or calm and in doing so it […]

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  • Aquamarine: Essence of the Angelic Realm


    Aquamarine is a pale blue to blue-green beryl. It is mined in Brazil, Afghanistan, Australia, Africa and the US. Aquamarine is cooling and calming. It can relieve depression, anger and negativity. Aquamarine represents an essence of the angelic realm, and creates peace to those who wear it or carry it with them. While wearing an […]

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  • Fluorite: Crystal of Connection

    Fluorite, stone of the month for May 2018

    Fluorite grows in cubic, octahedral and dodecahedral patterns alongside quartz, calcite and barite. It forms in clear, pink, green (the most common), yellow, blue and purple colorations. Multiple color variations will occur within one formation or specimen. It can be found in China, Mexico, the USA, Germany, and England. This is a very gentle mineral […]

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  • Mother’s Blessings: The Gifts of Motherhood

    We become mothers from many different starting points in our lives. We become mothers through extreme labor, through adoption, through marriage. We become mothers through fostering, through loving another as much as we love ourselves. We become mothers willingly and unwillingly. We become mothers for moments or for years. We stay mothers because we chose […]

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  • Check out The Matrix Talk Show’s episode on Disclosure!

    On April 8th, some members of our community got together to talk about Disclosure on The Matrix Talk Show “The Elements of Disclosure” Personal Encounters: Who’s had them? What do they look like? How do they affect the Now? Removal of Implants: Are they real? How do you recognize an implant? How can they be […]

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