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  • Speak to us of Peace…

    Peace. Peace before you, peace below you, peace above you and peace to the side of you. We place peace in your hands. There is no other that can create peace… it is only you. Everything you are hearing and saying in your dimension is informing you of disregard, discord,… and it is creating unrest […]

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  • Kyanite: Transmitting electrical impulses throughout the body (February 2019)


    Kyanite is a dark blue, striated mineral with occasional colorless or light blue, green or pink inclusions. It is found mainly in Brazil but also Switzerland, India and parts of the USA. Kyanite is a blue aluminosilicate mineral, usually found in aluminium-rich metamorphic pegmatites and/or sedimentary rock. When found in metamorphic rocks it generally indicates […]

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  • Speak to us of 2019

    Overall… This is a year of expansion. Much greater than we have seen or alluded to in the past. This year will allow you to spread your wings further than you thought possible. This previous year (2018) was one of clearing the stagnant energies from both present time and the long ago past. Karma release, […]

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  • Speak to us of this time…

    Speak to us… The time has come. Each of you sees and thinks differently from one another and the time has come for you to begin seeing and thinking as one; not just one within your families or communities, but one within the fabric of the universe itself. We speak of Galactic Consciousness. You have […]

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  • Predictions for 2019

    The Matrix Talk Show January 13, 2019

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  • Amphibole Quartz: A high frequency crystal (January 2019)

    Amphibole Quartz

    Amphibole Quartz, or Angel Phantom Quartz, is a rare variety of included quartz from Brazil. The inclusions may include Actinolite (white; more iron than magnesium), Tremolite (white; more magnesium than iron), Hornblende (pale grey/white), Riebeckite (grey), or Richterite (brown, yellow, red, green) in combinations or singly. The colors, depending on the combinations of minerals will […]

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  • Speak to us of Possibilities

    Place yourself in the position of all possibilities. For this place there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. There is nothing that is not achievable. There is nothing that cannot be healed or corrected. This is the opening position your are creating at this time. Allow yourself to see what is happening from a broad […]

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  • Turquoise: Uniting Mother Earth and Father Sky


    Turquoise, the traditional birthstone for December, is a light blue to sky blue to medium green stone found in copper and silver mines. It is a hydrated copper aluminum phosphate and grow as microcrystalline masses or nodules. It has a hardness of 5 – 6. Turquoises’ coloration depends on the amount of copper (creating green) […]

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  • Gratitude Grids

    Along with enjoying good company and good food, consider a way to give thanks this year. Set up a Crystal Gird with the names of your friends and family, past and present. Each person can have his or her own Quartz Crystal Point and you could place a Quartz Cluster in the center. Each Crystal […]

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