• Speak to us of frequencies…

    May 2019 Speak to us… You are currently being bombarded by solar waves of immense energy. Your bodies have either learned to adapt to these new frequencies, or they are struggling to do so. The Universal Mandalas of Light are shifting and changing and these current configurations are the most intense that you have encountered. […]

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  • To hold a Crystal Ball is to be in Flow

    Crystal Ball or Crystal Sphere

    Spheres are the beginning of the universe. They are the starting point of all sacred geometry and the visica piscis. They are the most perfect of all shapes and through them, and around them, energy flows in a continuous and harmonious pattern. To hold any sphere, especially a crystal ball, is to place yourself into […]

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  • Speak to us of what we are waiting for…

    You are waiting for arrival, you are waiting for what you call disclosure. These things are already evident in your daily lives. We walk amongst you. We are as you in the same way that so many of you are us. There will be a great connection in June and you must be watching. Do […]

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  • Connect to guidance powerfully with Himalayan Quartz

    Himalayan Quartz

    Coming from the oldest and highest mountains in our world, Himalayan Quartz Crystal is unusually powerful and holds a clear, unobstructed connection to Higher Guidance. Due to the extreme altitude and its inaccessibility of the mines these crystals are always mined by hand with great care and respect. They are then brought back down small […]

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  • Speak to us of focus… (March 2019)

    You are all so easily distracted; by your health, your ideas, your wants and needs, your families. These are but inconsequential, temporary situations that allow you to maintain your illusions in the dream. You focus on what is wrong in your world missing the essence of what is truly transpiring. You focus on what is […]

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  • Ruby: The Monarch Of Gems (March 2019)


    Ruby, a corundum, ranges from a clear, deep, raspberry red, to a more opaque Star Ruby frequently cut as a domed cabochon and reflecting a six pointed flare effect, or star, on its surface. The rarer variety is a flawless deep red that is considered more valuable than a diamond. Natural, or rough ruby crystals […]

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  • The ritual of smudging a space

    We have lost a great deal of our sacred rituals passed down from our ancestors, wisdom holders and indigenous peoples, and we need to reunite with this part of our inherent nature. Before you begin clearing a space using the smudge technique, clear your mind and focus your energy on what you intend to accomplish […]

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  • Sacred plants for clearing energy

    Smudging is a practice of cleansing both the physical and the spiritual. It is a traditional way to clear or clean a persons aura, their energy field, in order to prepare the person for healing or to prepare them for healing another. The act of smudging will help cleanse you of bad feelings, negative thoughts […]

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  • Kyanite: Transmission and Transformation

    Kyanite is a dark blue, striated mineral with occasional colorless or light blue, green or pink inclusions. It is found mainly in Brazil but also Switzerland, India and parts of the USA. Kyanite is a blue aluminosilicate mineral, usually found in aluminium-rich metamorphic pegmatites and/or sedimentary rock. When found in metamorphic rocks it generally indicates […]

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