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  • Charoite: a fully integrated mineral


    Charoite is a purple stone ranging in colors from deep lilac to intense violet and combining inclusions of black aegirine, clear to light green feldspar and sprays of metallic, orange tinaksite. It is found exclusively in Siberia, Russia along the Chara River. As with any metamorphic stone, it holds helpful transformative qualities and will assist […]

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  • Obsidian: dark stone of many talents


    It is one of the most powerful stones to clear a space, pull out negativity, or eliminate old patterns of thought or ideas. If you are no longer using an old energy – or wish that you weren’t – Obsidian is the best stone for releasing the energy. Obsidian will hold the energy you have […]

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  • Labradorite: The Galactic Star


    Labradorite is a form of feldspar crystallizing in masses and tabular crystals. It ranges in color from white, yellow and grey with its most brilliant and colorful range showing patches of peacock blue, coppery red and dusky gold labradorescence. Along with its wide color range, Labradorite also has a wide range of metaphysical properties. Yellow […]

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  • Citrine supports higher consciousness and a strong personality


    Citrine, or yellow quartz, forms from a deep honey yellow to almost colorless. Citrine derives its color from colloidal iron hydrates within the quartz (Si02) solution. Citrine grows in Brazil, Uruguay, China and Africa. Associated with the Third Chakra for mental clarity, Citrine is comforting, warm and energizing and can alleviate self-destruction by supporting higher […]

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  • Seraphinite: The Feathered Stone


    Seraphinite derives its name because of its resemblance to feathers due to its chatoyancy. Some specimens show strong down-like feathery growths growing into longer “flight feathers”. The most interesting Seraphinite is generally dark green in color exhibiting strong chatoyancy. It has a hardness between 2 and 4 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. It […]

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  • To hold a Crystal Ball is to be in Flow

    Crystal Ball or Crystal Sphere

    Spheres are the beginning of the universe. They are the starting point of all sacred geometry and the visica piscis. They are the most perfect of all shapes and through them, and around them, energy flows in a continuous and harmonious pattern. To hold any sphere, especially a crystal ball, is to place yourself into […]

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  • Connect to guidance powerfully with Himalayan Quartz

    Himalayan Quartz

    Coming from the oldest and highest mountains in our world, Himalayan Quartz Crystal is unusually powerful and holds a clear, unobstructed connection to Higher Guidance. Due to the extreme altitude and its inaccessibility of the mines these crystals are always mined by hand with great care and respect. They are then brought back down small […]

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  • Ruby: The Monarch Of Gems (March 2019)


    Ruby, a corundum, ranges from a clear, deep, raspberry red, to a more opaque Star Ruby frequently cut as a domed cabochon and reflecting a six pointed flare effect, or star, on its surface. The rarer variety is a flawless deep red that is considered more valuable than a diamond. Natural, or rough ruby crystals […]

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  • Kyanite: Transmission and Transformation

    Kyanite is a dark blue, striated mineral with occasional colorless or light blue, green or pink inclusions. It is found mainly in Brazil but also Switzerland, India and parts of the USA. Kyanite is a blue aluminosilicate mineral, usually found in aluminium-rich metamorphic pegmatites and/or sedimentary rock. When found in metamorphic rocks it generally indicates […]

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