Gratitude Grids

Along with enjoying good company and good food, consider a way to give thanks this year. Set up a Crystal Gird with the names of your friends and family, past and present. Each person can have his or her own Quartz Crystal Point and you could place a Quartz Cluster in the center.

Each Crystal Point can be pointing toward the outside of the grid you are creating. Place each person’s name under the Quartz Cluster to enhance the energy you want sent to them. You can hold each single Quartz Crystal in between your hands while thinking of a prayer or blessing you would like to send to each individual. Place each crystal down with care and purpose. You can light candles, place other stones around the outside of the main grid you’ve created or anoint your grid with pure essential oil.

You could take all of your grid over to a friend’s house and show each person how to place their own crystal onto the grid. Point each Quartz Crystal toward the center Quartz Cluster. You could set a prayer under the Quartz Cluster for unification, healing, or anything your group is interested in creating, healing or changing. When your dinner or event is concluded, you could ceremonially break the gird apart and give each person his or her specific crystal to remember the occasion by.

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