1st chakra

  • Shaman’s Stones

    Moki Marbles

    (Also known as Moki Marbles, Mock Marbles) Shaman’s Stones are iron and sandstone concretions found along the north rim of the Grand Canyon. They are naturally spherical an they are usually a medium brown to grayish-brown. They form in size from 1/2” to 2”+. They are best used in pairs and have a tendency to […]

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  • Moss Agate

    Moss Agate

    Moss Agate is not technically an agate but a chalcedony, part of the quartz mineral family, with inclusions of dark green dendritic minerals. Dendrite has a feathery appearance and a rather fay energy, so moss agate is an excellent stone to connect with the fairie kingdom and to work with angelic knowledge. Use your Moss […]

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  • Smokey Quartz

    Smokey Quartz

    Smokey Quartz is a light brown, to dark grayish-brown, to black quartz crystal. It is also called “smokey topaz” and “topaz quartz.” It is formed through an intense heat of 200-c and most often found in hydra-thermal veins within the Earth. Where clear quartz acts as a transmitter of energy, Smokey Quartz holds a great […]

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  • Ruby in Zoisite

    Ruby in Zosite

    Zoisite with Ruby combines the richness of the green healing energy of the Zoisite with the stable security of Ruby. This harmonic combination is helpful for clearing, healing and transforming the lower chakras. Here, you are also combining the fourth (heart) and first chakras for balance in the physical realm and expression through the heart. […]

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  • Raspberry Quartz

    Raspberry Quartz

    Raspberry Quartz is surrounded with silver, gold and platinum vapor and can ground your client instantly when placed firstly on the base chakra and secondly on the sixth chakra. This stone can be grounding and stimulating simultaneously. Resembling its name as an opalescent red/purple, you can use it with garnet, ruby or clear quartz for […]

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  • Rainbow Quartz

    Rainbow Quartz

    (Anandalite*) Rainbow Quartz is the newest India discovery from earlier this year. It was very difficult to locate for purchase, but I was able to find a supplier of this delightful mineral just before the Denver show last month. Rainbow Quartz grows much like Spirit Quartz from Africa. But, where Spirit Quartz grows as multiple […]

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  • Moon Jewel Jasper

    Moon Jewel Jasper

    (Also known as ocean jewel jasper) Moon Jewel Jasper is also referred to as Ocean Jasper or Orbicular Jasper. Mined in Madagascar, they come in a full spectrum of colors and color combinations. Many of the specimens have beautiful quartz druzy inclusions. Grown in block formation, the mined stones are cut into unusual disks, spheres […]

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  • Jasper


    Supreme nurturer; strengthens the physical body; brings one closer to the earth plane. Good for grounding; treats deterioration of kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach. Associated with the first, second, and third chakras.

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  • Garnet


    Garnets grow in a large range of colors, and have a rich history tying them to ancient times. While they all have good grounding abilities, they will vary in their other properties depending upon individual coloration. Probably the best known variety is a pomegranate red called Almandine Garnet. It is wonderful for enhancing stamina, and […]

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