• Moldavite Crystal


    Moldavite is created from outer space dust and gases combined with Earth gases at approximately 25,000 miles per hour. As a meteorite hits the earth at an angle, it is launched back into space taking Earth debris with it before hitting into the Earth and melting the Silica Dioxide and Aluminum Oxide in the immediate […]

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  • Dragonite


    Dragonite is another new stone from Peru. Previously called “no name”, we have been given permission to name this unusual mineral and locate its identity. Comprised of serpentine with hematite and pyrite inclusions, we┬╣ve found it to activate brain synapses and stimulate pineal activity. Place around the head during meditation or a crystal therapy session […]

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  • Creedite


    Creedite is a crystalline mineral growing in clear, orange, black and sometimes purple formations. The more common orange specimens resemble a pincushion or sea urchin, with prickly crystals protruding from the center formation and are very brilliant and interesting. This is a higher chakra stone supporting the third eye, crown chakra and causal chakra. It […]

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  • Aventurine


    Aventurine is a dark green to light green mineral with sparkling inclusions of a secondary mineral known as fushite. When displaying a reddish-brown hue, the stone can have inclusions of hematite. It reminds us of springtime and abundance, regeneration and growth. Aventurine is one of the best stones to use for any ailment, or for […]

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