• Larimar


    Also known as blue petolite. The stone for earth healing. Releases the restraints of guilt; used for dimensional and cellular work; represents peace and clarity; enhances rest and pleasant dreams; reduces hyperactivity. Helps balance and re-open the third chakra as it relates to the fall of Atlantis. Stimulates the third, fourth, fifth and seventh chakras.

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  • Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli

    An earth stone that helps communicate with Source; holds original earth-soul wisdom; inspires higher understanding of immortality; aids psychic development as it relates to earth’s potential; friendship stone; balances the mind; can bring total awareness; releases stress and enhances a sense of deep peace. Treats bones, depression, dizziness, eyes, headaches, hearing, insomnia, throat, parathyroid, and […]

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  • Celestite


    Celestite ranges in color from a beautiful light blue, to white, with some yellow and orange overtones. The most beautiful Celestite comes from Madagascar. Celestite represents the emergence of a new kind of spiritual strength. This clear stone is best used for spiritual transformation…you can work with it to access your shamanic warrior and for […]

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  • Barite


    Barite is a bringer of the peace we seek. It softens the accelerated higher vibrations currently initializing on Earth at this time. To walk with Barite is to remember that compassion is the key word of this decade and you are the no longer the “seeker” but the spiritual warrior Earth needs. Barite will support […]

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