• Hematite


    Hematite is a metamorphic mineral that balances the yin/yang energies, both the strength of the masculine and the ethereal essence of the feminine. It is usually identified by its high silver sheen. Hematite is excellent in bridging the essence of spirit directly into earth’s denser frequencies. It stimulates the power of any innate, unseen creative […]

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  • Halite


    Protection; works on the physical level; grounds the protective properties of other crystals; stabilizes the lower chakras; use around computers and for freshening the air. Dissolves in water and is great for clearing baths. Associated with the second and third chakras.

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  • Black Aegirine

    Black Aegirine

    Black Aegirine, a sodium iron silicate, is found in Greenland, Russia, Canada, So. Africa and the US. It is a sodium iron silicate mineral with a hardness of 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. Found in its green state, it is called Acmite, but is rarer than the more common black form. Black Aegirine is […]

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