second chakra

  • Moss Agate

    Moss Agate

    Moss Agate is not technically an agate but a chalcedony, part of the quartz mineral family, with inclusions of dark green dendritic minerals. Dendrite has a feathery appearance and a rather fay energy, so moss agate is an excellent stone to connect with the fairie kingdom and to work with angelic knowledge. Use your Moss […]

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  • Tektite


    Tektites are the result of meteorites hitting the earth and with intense heat, melting the silica, and forming a glass like structure. Although not technically a metal, tektites are certainly the by-product of metallic activity and are here to remind the Star Children that we can make our home here as easily as we can […]

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  • Turquoise


    Turquoise, the traditional birthstone for December, is a light blue to sky blue to medium green stone found in copper and silver mines. It is a hydrated copper aluminum phosphate and grow as microcrystalline masses or nodules. It has a hardness of 5 – 6. Turquoises’ coloration depends on the amount of copper (creating green) […]

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  • Tangerine Quartz

    Tangerine Quartz

    Tangerine Quartz is quartz crystal with iron phantoms, inclusions or encrustations. It is currently being mined in Brazil, however some specimens have also been found in Madagascar. Currently these specimens are unpolished and greatly unappreciated since they have only recently surfaced. Tangerine Quartz balances the heart, both physically and emotionally. When used in meditation of […]

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  • Smokey Quartz

    Smokey Quartz

    Smokey Quartz is a light brown, to dark grayish-brown, to black quartz crystal. It is also called “smokey topaz” and “topaz quartz.” It is formed through an intense heat of 200-c and most often found in hydra-thermal veins within the Earth. Where clear quartz acts as a transmitter of energy, Smokey Quartz holds a great […]

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  • Serpentine


    Serpentine grows in fibrous, plate-like layers, masses and occasionally crystalizations where the original hexagonal structure was replaced by serpentine. It is most usually seen in the green, white and sometimes lavender but also ranges in color of green-black, brown-red and brown-yellow. Often times Serpentine is exported and sold as “new jade” when in its translucent […]

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  • Jet


    A form of fossilized wood. Absorbs negativity; can adapt to your energy structure; learns your personal fears and protects you from them; relieves pain originating from fear; teaches trust; useful against nightmares; eases anxiety and depression. A one-person stone. Associated with the second and third chakras.

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  • Jasper


    Supreme nurturer; strengthens the physical body; brings one closer to the earth plane. Good for grounding; treats deterioration of kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach. Associated with the first, second, and third chakras.

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  • Halite


    Protection; works on the physical level; grounds the protective properties of other crystals; stabilizes the lower chakras; use around computers and for freshening the air. Dissolves in water and is great for clearing baths. Associated with the second and third chakras.

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