third chakra

  • Scolecite


    Scolecite is found as radiating groups of slender, striated prismatic crystals and as more resilient, polished hand-held pieces. Growing primarily in India and Pakistan and infrequently in Iceland and the US, it is composed of hydrated calcium aluminum silicate. It is part of the zeolite mineral family and is found as colorless white, pink, salmon, […]

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  • Moss Agate

    Moss Agate

    Moss Agate is not technically an agate but a chalcedony, part of the quartz mineral family, with inclusions of dark green dendritic minerals. Dendrite has a feathery appearance and a rather fay energy, so moss agate is an excellent stone to connect with the fairie kingdom and to work with angelic knowledge. Use your Moss […]

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  • Prehnite


    Prehnite is found in Australia, Africa and India. My favorite is the Australian because of its pale butter yellow, translucent appearance found as tumbled stones, carvings and in jewelry. The Indian variety is found as pale green clusters growing with stilbite inclusions. Both varieties are lovely. Prehnite has an expansive effect. It allows you to […]

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  • Peridot


    Peridot was held in high esteem by the Egyptian Pharaohs and was one of the original stones on the Breastplate of Aaron. Green ice and cool tones best describe Peridot. It can be used to “cool down” any heated situations involving the ego. Its unusual lime green color combines the yellow of the 3rd chakra […]

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  • Peitersite


    A pseudomorphic jasper with asbestos inclusions, Peitersite is a metamorphosed [folded and stressed from the earth] blue and gold Tiger Eye in Quartz. It has the same chatoyancy [waving, iridescence] that is seen in the yellow and brown Tiger’s Eye. But, rather than the earth and heaven connection held by Tiger’s Eye, Peitersite holds angelic […]

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  • Moon Jewel Jasper

    Moon Jewel Jasper

    (Also known as ocean jewel jasper) Moon Jewel Jasper is also referred to as Ocean Jasper or Orbicular Jasper. Mined in Madagascar, they come in a full spectrum of colors and color combinations. Many of the specimens have beautiful quartz druzy inclusions. Grown in block formation, the mined stones are cut into unusual disks, spheres […]

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  • Larimar


    Also known as blue petolite. The stone for earth healing. Releases the restraints of guilt; used for dimensional and cellular work; represents peace and clarity; enhances rest and pleasant dreams; reduces hyperactivity. Helps balance and re-open the third chakra as it relates to the fall of Atlantis. Stimulates the third, fourth, fifth and seventh chakras.

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  • Jet


    A form of fossilized wood. Absorbs negativity; can adapt to your energy structure; learns your personal fears and protects you from them; relieves pain originating from fear; teaches trust; useful against nightmares; eases anxiety and depression. A one-person stone. Associated with the second and third chakras.

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  • Jasper


    Supreme nurturer; strengthens the physical body; brings one closer to the earth plane. Good for grounding; treats deterioration of kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach. Associated with the first, second, and third chakras.

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