Glossary of Stones

  • Ajoite

    Ajoite is an exceedingly rare secondary mineral formation growing in quartz from Messina, South Africa. It appears as beautiful turquoise colored inclusions in crystals and rough quartz which amplifies the uplifting energy of the Ajoite. This mineral brings a sense of peace within and energizes and activates the Higher Heart Chakra. Activating the Higher Heart enables the other chakras to open to what is needed, but not necessarily to what you think you want.

    This stone radiates a pure love, and surrounds you with a feeling of unconditional support and loving guidance. It can teach you to live this unconditional love, and lead you to an understanding of the Divine and the connectedness of all beings. It also eliminates negative thoughts and feelings. Ajoite helps souls to recognize and rejoin others on Earth with whom they bonded in the past and planned to find in another incarnation. It also helps those on earth find guides in the spirit world.

    Ajoite joins the Throat chakra to the Heart chakra, enabling one to be comfortable speaking one’s own emotional truth which will lead one to be at peace in one’s life. Using an Ajoite in quartz crystal in meditation and dream work will assist you in communication with your Higher Power and other spiritual souls along your path. It can also help in drawing out negative energy from the body and then fill the cleared, or empty, space with love. Use your Ajoite to maintain and revitalize your total well being with joy and love. Use it to help the realization of your dreams. Bring a piece of the Divine into your life when you bring an Ajoite crystal home.