Glossary of Stones

  • Amazonite

    Amazonite, a type of feldspar, is a wonderful Spring-time mineral in that it assists you in releasing what is old in your life. Meditating, sleeping and carrying this mineral will support all the “letting go” you are ready to create this season. Most commonly found in a deep turquoise color Amazonite soothes the emotions by releasing aggravation, sensitivity and any anger over not being who, where or what you want to be in life. In this way it helps release negative energy you may be holding about what seems out of your control in your life.

    Amazonite is especially supportive and healing for the Heart Chakra and the Higher Heart Chakra. It can support the remembrance of your spiritual design, or plan, before birth; restrengthening your contract and relationship with the God-Head.

    The actual prismic structure of Amazonite promotes the alignment of the physical world of chaos and duality and the astral world of spiritual dimensions -the physical bodies and the astral bodies. This beautiful mineral moves you into an energy of remembered perfection helping you to be an example of that perfection for all you meet.

    Because of its ability to overcome duality and find peace with different realities, Amazonite is an excellent stone to use during past life recall by helping the body and the mind to adapt to critical points or concepts that you are resisting as possibility. In past life work, Amazonite should be used sparingly and can also be used as an elixir and during sleep for dream work release.

    Our next supply of Amazonite is from a recently closed mine in Minas Garais, Brazil, and grows with Quartz Crystal encrustations and Black Tourmaline encrustations. These additional mineral formations place the mineral in what is called Crystal Harmonics, adding focus and release, enhancement and harmony into an already full mineral pallet.