Glossary of Stones

  • Aventurine

    Aventurine is a dark green to light green mineral with sparkling inclusions of a secondary mineral known as fushite. When displaying a reddish-brown hue, the stone can have inclusions of hematite. It reminds us of springtime and abundance, regeneration and growth.

    Aventurine is one of the best stones to use for any ailment, or for the rebuilding of the physical body. It can be used to repair muscles, tissue and nerves. You can use Aventurine to cool inflammations, sunburns, burns, infections, bites or fevers. This stone is very useful after oral surgery used in conjunction with blue lace agate. (You can even cool your stones in the refrigerator for an even greater cooling affect.) Alternate Blue Lace Agate with your Aventurine… one to cool and one to begin the healing. This technique can also be used after any physical trauma or surgery. Aventurine is an harmonic mineral (see Nov. 1998), a mineral comprised of more than two separate minerals creating a harmonious frequency unavailable with only one of the minerals. Not only does Aventurine illicit the previously mentioned healing properties, but it also comprises the attributes or characteristics of all the additional minerals composing its structure.

    Aventurine gets its green coloration from Fuchite, a chrome mica mineral. The mica flake inclusions also produce the silver or golden sheen seen in Aventurine. Energetically, Fuchite also adds an elimination of servitude and the ability to be self reflective in recognizing personal flaws.

    The next two minerals in Aventurine create its reddish to reddish-brown inclusions. These are formed by one of two, and sometimes both, separate minerals. Firstly, Hematite, and it is used for a variety of grounding purposes as well as stimulating mental processes and to help you in realizing that you are the only person that places limitations on yourself. Secondly, Geothite, another good mineral for mental processes, helps you enjoy life more and can intensify your concentration.

    Wherever it is placed, or however it is used, Aventurine will bring balance and well being to the physical body and can also add clarity of mind. If you do not have Aventurine in your mojo bag or just carried in your purse or pocket… it might be time.

    White and Pink Aventurine are variations of this wonderful stone.

    As with all silica oxide based minerals, quartz is the base with these two stones and acts as the stabilizing force for the vibrational make-up of the stones themselves. The quartz in both White Aventurine and Pink Aventurine acts as the source for amplifying, focusing, storing, transferring and transforming of energy – mental (thought), physical (bodily) or emotional(feelings)- or a combination of any of the three. It also acts as a bridge or connection between the physical/body and the mental/mind. Because it is a conduit for thought, it also acts as both a sending force and an receiving force of the other minerals within the stone.

    White Aventurine’s reflective qualities are seen with the mica inclusions in quartz and can help you to see the individual soul of each person – friend or foe – seeing them with the eyes of your Christ-Self rather than through eyes of ego, fear or judgment. Because mica grows like the plates of the earth, it can be used to create grids for earth stabilization -and to create stabilization in areas of your life where relationships or a life focus is unstable. Creating a grid of White Aventurine and Pink Aventurine around photos of warring loved ones (even yourself & another) can aid the healing process, relieve internal stresses and create a bridge of harmony and love. Here, the quartz amplifies the intent, the mica stabilizes and the hemetite grounds your focus…a very nice harmonic combination.

    Pink Aventurine is additionally assisted by mineral hemetite and can help you realize that you are the only person placing limitations on yourself. Here, Pink Aventurine focuses both your energy and emotions to bring loving balance between the physical, emotional and mental self. Pink Aventurine can focus dissolution of negativity and create a more loving atmosphere or space. And, with bringing a more present concentration of all your intents, whenever you¹re grounded, you¹re more present!