Glossary of Stones

  • Barite

    Barite is a bringer of the peace we seek. It softens the accelerated higher vibrations currently initializing on Earth at this time. To walk with Barite is to remember that compassion is the key word of this decade and you are the no longer the “seeker” but the spiritual warrior Earth needs.

    Barite will support you as you help others to see without blinders. As false beliefs and ancestral programming is lifted, Barite will aid and strengthen your innate wisdom so that your awakening of your true self is reflected as the truth for others to see.

    Barite supports you in accessing and manifesting the energy to create your dreams. Here is a stone that wants you to follow your heart and expand your world. Barite doesn’t understand the idea of restraint or staying small. When you decide to uses this stone, you will need to prepare yourself for changes and growth. Used with Moldavite, the two stones create a union of dreaming and overcoming fears, to perpetuate actualization of ideas.

    Barite is also useful in clearing long trapped emotions and feelings so that you are able to move through the world with greater assurance, confidence and calmness. If you experience shyness in your world, then keep a piece of Barite with you to stimulate new ideas and communicate your thoughts.

    Barite has a soothing affect on the nervous system, so place a Barite Rose around your workplace or near your computer if you are working from home. This soothing affect also opens up the heart to forgiveness and understanding of past hurts. Barite can help to transform old transgressions or hatreds into present love.