Glossary of Stones

  • Charoite

    Charoite is a purple stone ranging in colors from deep lilac to intense violet and combining inclusions of black aegrine, clear to light green feldspar and sprays of metallic, orange tinkasite. It is found in Siberia, Russia along the Chara River. As with any metamorphic stone, it holds helpful metamorphic qualities and will assist in creating new thought patterns and beliefs. Its purple colors move you steps closer to soul alignment. Meditating with Charoite is a wonderful way to gain new insights and open yourself to new possibilities. It is also helpful in re-regulating sleep patterns, for those of you having trouble sleeping, and can also assist in regulating fear in your dreams and to retrieve these thoughts more easily upon awakening so you may bring them into the open to be honestly dealt with. The black aegirine seems to move through thought to bring clearer understanding to both outward endeavors and soul maturation. And the metallic, orange tinaksite opens up the pathways of illuminations to more clearly interpret the unconscious into consciousness.