Glossary of Stones

  • Citrine Candle Quartz

    Citrine Candle Quartz is a natural yellow quartz. This recently discovered African mineral ranges in colors from a rich, honey yellow, to a pale yellow. Combining the attributes of both Citrine and Candle Quartz, these new crystals magnify the properties of both original stones.

    Citrine is used with the Third and Seventh Chakras to create and initialize Divine Abundance in the physical world. Citrine also attunes your life force into clarified thought, or consciousness, by directing God-Consciousness into the play of life with your Higher Self.

    Creating abundance, affluence and prosperity and manifesting these ideas is harmonized by Candle Quartz (often referred to as Pineapple Quartz). With this unified mineral, Citrine Candle Quartz, you can direct the energy of other stones into their own abundance. The energy of planet Earth is currently accelerated, and this new harmonic crystal is aligned with these new vibrations. You can manifest instantly. This new mineral reminds us that we can manifest abundance with the understanding that many voices, many lives, many souls have collectively joined together at this time to assist us in our transformational processes.

    Used as a personal meditation crystal, or as a healing tool with yourself or others, Citrine Candle Quartz is a brilliant addition to your mineral toolbox. I have found that sleeping with a Citrine Candle Quartz will teach Universal abundance allowing me to consciously move into the day with a unique wholeness to accept my God-given rights of Abundant Living.