Glossary of Stones

  • Creedite

    Creedite is a crystalline mineral growing in clear, orange, black and sometimes purple formations. The more common orange specimens resemble a pincushion or sea urchin, with prickly crystals protruding from the center formation and are very brilliant and interesting.

    This is a higher chakra stone supporting the third eye, crown chakra and causal chakra. It will give your aura a sense of expansion and fullness when used. Because of its strong structural quality, it also resonates strongly with the central nervous system and bones of the body. This interesting combination unites the spiritual chakras with the emotional, mental and heart chakras to ground spiritual clarity while in its presence.

    Creedite is a powerful stone to use during a trance-channeling meditation because of its strong support of the verbalization of the incoming messages. While, because of its growth patterns, this stone is usually not worn, it can be placed next to you or on your lap during your spiritual work.

    In this same way, Creedite can be used while accessing the Akashic Records to support you in bringing clear and concise knowledge back from the Records Room. Use this stone in conjunction with ‘record-keeping’ crystals for better access of the hidden records, and for clarity while interpreting the oracles such as the tarot or divination tools.

    If you have a tendency to “float-away” during meditations, Creedite, used in conjunction with black tourmaline, hematite or mahogany obsidian to help balance grounding is a great combination. Any of these combinations will help bring you into the physical during your practice or any other high spiritual work.

    Combining Creedite with moldavite will enhance and enlarge your spiritual experience, while using Creedite with nuumite will ground the memories of your dream-state into reality.