Glossary of Stones

  • Crowned Amethyst

    Crowned Amethyst is found in Eastern Canada alongside amethyst and hemetite. It is a banded amethyst point with broad strips of smokey quartz and amethyst with a powerful crowning of hematite inclusions and amethyst at the termination. Usually the crystal is found with multiple terminations.

    Crowned Amethyst can be used as a grounding stone along with dark purple amethyst for an inclusive experience. It can also be used to release ancient emotional and spiritual holdings from the etheric and the physical bodies.

    This stone will ground you into a deeper understanding of what you need to release to have a deeper experience on your Earth Walk. Dreaming with it to release held-onto history will be a benefit. Use a Crowned Amethyst at your feet or hips with a dark purple amethyst as your crown or held in your hands. It is a wonderful way to finally release your fears and night terrors. However you decide to use this crystal, it will be well worth your efforts.