Glossary of Stones

  • Danburite

    DanburiteDanburite is a prismatic crystal that grows primarily in Mexico. It is also found in Madagascar, Russia, Bolivia, Burma and Japan. At first glance, it can resemble topaz, but it can be identified by its strong striations running parallel to the length of the crystal and with chisel-shaped terminations. This beautiful stone most frequently grows as colorless and pink [Mexico], yellow or golden-white [Madagascar], and grey [Peru].

    Danburite directs angelic light through its striations and out the prismatic termination. One of the strong heart chakra healing stones along with Rose Quartz that teaches you to heal, Kunzite that gives you the expression of that love and Pink Tourmaline that gives you the safety to love, Danburite allows you to maintain your personal identity while in the world.

    Danburite reminds you that you are no longer isolated from yourself or others. It opens the crown chakra and links that chakra with the heart. It also stimulates and clears the 8th [causal chakra] and 9th [stellar chakra] creating a strong dialogue of higher spiritual consciousness. It is considered a “Buddha Crystal”… a bringer of the aspects of enlightenment and love toward realization. This stone can promote faith and the comprehension of spiritual law.

    Danburite enables you to be more patient. It is an excellent helper in times of need and can give you strength when you’re at your wit’s end. It allows you greater ease in traveling your path. It is here to help you know that you need no longer feel alone, confused or at a loss of who you are. It is helpful in bringing you into peace with all your relations, the earth, the elements, intergalactic beings.

    Danburite is one of the Synergy Twelve stones and works towards our lessons of opening our hearts and minds to all beings.