Glossary of Stones

  • Elestial Quartz

    ElestialElestial Quartz, sometimes referred to as Alligator Quartz, represents the four elements of air, earth, fire and water.

    Earth ~ a quartz mineral comprised of silica and oxygen. It is naturally amplifies its environment and is one of the most powerful healing tools. These healing tools choose their owners more than any other stones in the mineral kingdom.

    Air ~ While a stone is forming air occasionally becomes trapped within the feed [or mother] solution. The mineral hardens and traps the air pocket within the layers of quartz. Through time, and movement, the air is dislodged but the “pocket” remains within the mineral itself.

    Fire ~ Quartz that has been heated or irradiated by the earth is called Smokey Quartz. The grey to dark brown coloration identifies this stone. It is a powerful stone of release, clearing and protection.

    Water ~ Growing in a more watery environment than normal quartz, Elestials will many times encase moss or other cave growth.

    Elestial Quartz is a stone in harmony and balance within itself… this is its lesson to us. It is a powerful stone for meditation and contemplation. It holds many mysteries and visions. Let an Elestial become your teacher to show you the way to the next lesson along your path.

    These crystals are also the representatives of your angelic teachers. Working with an Elestial can assist you in learning many lessons.

    Because of its multiply growth patterns, it reminds us that there is always more than one way to view any situation. It also reminds us that any fragmented aspects of life can be made whole through love.