Glossary of Stones

  • Emerald

    EmeraldEmeralds are nourishing and supportive. Their twofold objective is to bring abundance into your life and to anchor that abundance into the Earth Plain and your life.

    Composed of Beryllium, Aluminum, and Chromium Silicate, these Beryls exhibit a pure, rich green color with a slight bluish tinge, to slightly yellowish colorations. While the clear, or gem quality, stones are more powerful, all Emeralds will aid the unconscious in bringing abundance into your life. The darker colored stones have a greater ability to ground this newly held abundance.

    Emeralds feed and balance the chakras, bringing health to the body systems and also strongly support the heart, in both the healing and energetic aid of the heart, and in promoting love and the security of love. In the past this beautiful stone was worn by brides to secure faithfulness and longevity in the marriage vows. Emeralds can stimulate love and trust in love for its wearer. And in the past it was thought that this stone would change color or break if a lover was unfaithful.

    While all stones work in conjunction with the wearers participation, Emerald works from the Divine level, seeking your cooperation in assuming responsibility for your co-creative part in the Divine Plan. As it helps your movement through the various new levels of transformation you will want to take short breaks from using this stone to rest and integrate the personal processes.

    This is also an excellent stone to use as an elixir for confidence in your abilities, to strengthen and align the body with Light, and to build new cell walls that are strong enough to contain the flow of these new accelerated energies you are forming together.