Glossary of Stones

  • Faden Quartz

    Quartz reflects the ideal, spiral crystalline Divine Plan of how evolution has adapted to Earth, her people and her potentials. It contains the seeds of Earth’s growth and spiritual evolution. Even if Quartz is found on other planets, for us, it perfectly mirrors that of DNA found in everything alive on Earth. It is representational of the basic form that Light takes when becoming physical matter. It is our reflection and mirror; it is our history and future records of all we are about to do. It reminds us to accept and become the Divine‚Äôs perfect vehicle to express Light as Love.

    Quartz is also reflective of all the many variations of how humanity has combined with itself to create new thought, ideas, knowledge and truth into our ever changing perspective of who we are and why we are here in the Universal line-up.

    Faden Quartz grows as flattened quartz, known as tabular crystals. It almost always grows with a double termination, or completed points on both its ends. Fadens have a white line or “thread” running through them. This “thread” occurs when the cavity the crystal is growing in slowly opens or stretches due to natural earth movement of the tectonic plates; the type that create earthquakes and mountains. During this movement the crystal is broken and then heals as its growth continues.

    These crystals mirror our natural ability to self-heal and grow from our many life experiences. They show us that difficult situations are our teachers not our enemies. They show us that we are more beautiful and interesting from these many experiences rather than disfigured by them. They reflect the many choices we have been given to creatively put ourselves back together… to Re-Create ourselves as the Divine’s Image at each segment of our lives. Rather than resentment we can create love, rather than hatred we can create forgiveness. These crystals help remember to put ourselves back together after any difficult situation and continue on with our goals of who we are meant to be. Life’s circumstances may move us and create changes, but our deep internal strength, our Higher Self, is really running the show when we are able to listen deeply to who we are meant to be.

    Faden Quartz reminds us of how amazing we are and how amazing our journey can be when we accept our life and ourselves.