Glossary of Stones

  • Girasol (opalized quartz)

    Girasol, aka opalized quartz, is a special formation of milky quartz and appears clear and cloudy at the same time. While milky quartz has a non-transparent appearance, Girasol is transparent to translucent in appearance. This cloudiness comes is created from microscopic inclusions of fluids that have been encased inside the crystal during its growth. It has a slightly greasy luster and a cloudy blue white color that is unlike other quartz formations. High quality Rose Quartz has this appearance, and the best specimens exhibiting this quality are also from Madagascar. Girasol is opalized quartz found in crystallized mass form and is a cloudy blue white color.

    Girasol holds and shares the clear-light energy associated with clear quartz, but is much gentler in its nature. It has the ability to enhance emotions and mirror feelings. Because of its natural hidden inclusions, so different from Phantomed Quartz, it can help one see what has been hidden from view. Used primarily around the sixth and seventh chakras and above, it provides clarity and focus to those chakras. It can be used with the Causal Chakra and above when focusing on spiritual matters or relationships. It is a great stone to carry when doing readings, healings or meditating as it can bring clarity and insight to all things unseen.

    When used for healing, again it should be used when working with diseases that are mainly ‘hidden’. Girosal is great with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and used as an elixer for diabetes. All of these diseases arise from an unhappy state or an unhappiness in ones situation, and Girasol is a stone of great joy and happiness.