Glossary of Stones

  • Green Tourmaline

    Green Tourmaline grows in shades of pale yellowish-green to deep greens almost black. These darker specimens will easily show their color when held on it side up to a light. Green Tourmaline is found in Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of the United States and Africa.

    Green Tourmaline is a mineral that strengthens the energies of masculine and feminine. The balance this mineral brings can be related to the energies of action (the masculine) and feelings (the feminine). This balance brings inner strength and healing to its wearer.

    Where Pink Tourmaline heals the heart on an emotional level, Green Tourmaline strengthens the heart and chest area from emotional grief, loss and sorrow. It will assist the wearer in seeing the past for what it was rather than continuing to embrace old resentments. The illusions held through resentment are an old vibration of waiting for the one believed to be the offender to find enlightenment and consciousness. Actions are not always in alignment with individual consciousness. With Green Tourmaline you can gain the strength to embrace the realization of full empowered responsibility in life.

    This empowerment can also show the wearer their relationship with the physical engagement of the planet. Green Tourmaline connects you to your life walk as well as to your heart and its continual flow.