Glossary of Stones

  • Indicolite

    Indicolite, or Blue Tourmaline, is a rare color in the tourmaline family group. Ranging from a deep blue to a deep blue with a slight aqua tinge, it is mainly used to help in the development of psychic gifts, prophecy and spirit communication. Indicolite activates both the Third Eye, or 6th, Chakras and the Throat, or 5th, Chakras. This duel relationship helps support the communication of psychic impressions (6th) by creating a truthful, graceful expression of your insights and psychic impressions or feelings. It can assist you in quieting the ego based mind chatter while trying to meditate. Indicolite can be indispensable in uniting the Higher Realms with your spiritual nature.

    It may also be used as a personal tool of integration while assistance someone in the process of crossing over. Use it in meditation to open the doors of Divine Intervention and the Higher Dimensional Realms. When used in this way, remember to use your Black Tourmaline to ground in the experience and to ground yourself after this type of meditative astral travel work.

    A more readily available crystal is Indicolite in Quartz, sometimes called Blue Phantomed Quartz. It has the same energy as Indicolite, but also holds the dynamic properties of Quartz and the ability to program the crystal for what you need. You can use Indicolite in Quartz for opening the emotional aspect of each chakra to help fully release any old emotional overlays or ancestral residue attachments. It is particularly useful when working with incest survivors to release the overlays of shame and self-hatred. Indicolite in Quartz activates higher awareness, both of the healer and the client, so that the emotional causes of illness and dis-ease may be instinctively known at the root cause.

    Using this bright healing tool, and its blue striated color frequency, brings the healer more in alignment with the healing energies of the blue Tibetan Medicine Buddha and Krishna.