Glossary of Stones

  • Indigo Quartz

    (Also known as Tanzanite Aura Quartz)

    The newest metallic crystal is quartz with Indium and Gold. Indium is a newly discovered metal. Similar to Aqua Aura Quartz, this newest creation is more indigo in color, and is called Indigo Quartz or Tanzanite Aura Quartz. Clearly a stone to assist the Indigo Children with their work with peace on the earth, I am looking forward to having the opportunity to work with this stone more.

    Indigo Quartz is a Metallic Quartz Crystal. Whenever we change an original form into a new form, without compromising the original’s integrity, an harmonics is created. This expresses Fifth Dimension within Third Dimensional reality. Each crystal will naturally hold the properties of the metals to which they are bonded and can focus energy up to ten times more powerfully into cellular structure than a clear quartz crystal.