Glossary of Stones

  • Iolite

    One of the major stones for the sixth and seventh chakras, Iolite can be used during healing sessions, meditations and astral travel. It magnifies your inner vision and makes your symbolism more understandable. If you suffer from inner vision controlling, Iolite is a great stone to eliminate fears in the psyche. When you can make peace with these old fears, you can heal old wounds. Iolite is an aid to accessing past life information. So many of us are born with a past life overlay that unconsciously directs our present day decisions. Use Iolite to help release these memories and find present day freedom.

    This mineral is sensitive to the spiritual changes and growth you are seeking. It is considered powerful “medicine” in shamanic use. And, it can be used to ensure a vision or journey is accurate. It awakens and supports inner knowledge, so your self trust of the visionary information is strong. Iolite also seems to support inner knowledge of direction and directional forces, so wearing or carrying Iolite is helpful in trusting your inner compass when setting a medicine wheel or finding direction during walks.

    Iolite also facilitates an acceptance of financial responsibility. So, this is a great stone to keep in your office, or in your wallet. It can strengthen the heart/mind connection, to enable a better understanding of the heart’s longings that the mind and emotions keep trying to satisfy.

    Iolite can protect the condition of the liver and is thought to support your constitution consume alcohol without feeling the effects of a hangover. This stone assists in clearing the body of toxicity from foods and the environment.