Glossary of Stones

  • Moon Jewel Jasper

    (Also known as ocean jewel jasper)

    Moon Jewel Jasper is also referred to as Ocean Jasper or Orbicular Jasper. Mined in Madagascar, they come in a full spectrum of colors and color combinations. Many of the specimens have beautiful quartz druzy inclusions. Grown in block formation, the mined stones are cut into unusual disks, spheres and eggs. Each one resembles a small universe or a planet from our own solar system.

    No matter the coloration of your Moon Jewel Jasper it is a stone much like the inner strata of Mother Earth… varied, complex, unifying, tough, enduring. This mineral reminds me of the Mandelbrot Set formations that show how order and chaos converge into perfect harmony. This mineral will support anyone while they move beyond where they are or what they believe, helping them to unify the whole and show the world their inner beauty… no matter what.

    Because of their unusual color combinations, this mineral can be used at any chakra in multiple ways. The brown and pinks at the first or fourth chakras for bringing in grounded loving-ness. The blue and violet could be used at the fifth, sixth or seventh chakras for clarity of intention, vision or for calmness and peacefulness. The green and red at the first chakra for healing old patterns and grounding. Or you could place a yellow and green one at the third chakra for strengthening the idea of personality.

    Because very little has been written about this mineral, you can experiment with its uses to find how it best works with you and your clients.