Glossary of Stones

  • Morganite

    Morganite is a pink colored beryl ranging from rose to pink to a pale honeyed-pink. It crystallizes in masses and prismatic crystals, sometimes vertically striated or terminated in small pyramid-like faces.

    Strongly related to Emerald, this heart-centered stone initiates the feminine self to fully embrace happiness and to feel the strength of feminine beauty and wisdom. As you release antiquated guilt of the feminine, you heal the karma connected to many lifetimes, Morganite helps this healing and in the activation, cleansing and stimulation of the heart chakra.

    Morganite can make life seem more worthwhile. It has a very loving aura and it is good for women recovering from abuse and for men wanting more balance in their feelings. It is also an excellent stone to bring spirituality and (re)balance into relationships… sexual and racial.

    It also supports the feminine to express its power and independence. This is different from imitating men, this is the spiritual consciousness of remembering innate feminine power.

    Morganite can be used, in massive form, as a powerful stone to use in medicine wheel ceremonies to provide the expression of brotherhood and the unity of humankind.