Glossary of Stones

  • Moss Agate

    Moss Agate is not technically an agate but a chalcedony, part of the quartz mineral family, with inclusions of dark green dendritic minerals. Dendrite has a feathery appearance and a rather fay energy, so moss agate is an excellent stone to connect with the fairie kingdom and to work with angelic knowledge. Use your Moss Agate for connecting with the elementals, what they have to teach humanity and how you can awaken your own elemental nature.

    Carry a Moss Agate to produce calmness during stressful times. And, place this stone over the heart for emotional ease and a sense of calm. Moss Agate can stabilize your physical system after an illness and create a stronger sense of self worth after personal trauma.

    This is also a stone that reflects creation, so use it for creating abundance, enhancing love and spiritual expansion, and promoting self confidence.

    USES: Birth (lessens pain), Immune System support, rebalancing depression, creating abundance.