Glossary of Stones

  • Nirvana Quartz

    Nirvana Quartz, or Ice Crystals, is a more recent mineral discovery from the ice glaciers in Himalayas. Found above 18,000 feet in receding glaciers, these crystals resemble the surrounding jagged ice sheets and irregular crevices. A complete quartz crystal but with deep recesses and contours, they have been hidden for centuries.

    They grow in two colors, white and pink. The pink color is derived from microscopic inclusions on or near their surface. They are as unique in appearance as they are in their spiritual properties. These Ice Crystals are unifying in their ability to bring past, present and future together at one timeā€¦ Now. These crystals are brilliant in their ability to unify the heart and the intuitive centers of sixth and seventh chakras. The pink variety is for work with the heart chakra and the white variety is for working with the spiritual cap chakras. Used together, they act as a memory of the infinite connection of heart and spirit/mind.

    As with all spiritual things upon the planet, these crystals are definitely here to help us remember our own unique spiritual nature. That nature we have also buried deep within the crevices and jagged pieces of ourselves. And, since Now is the only time we truly have, Now is the perfect time to work in unification of our lower and higher natures. We are presently incarnating our own enlightenment – body, mind and spirit- and the Nirvana Ice Crystals are here to assist us in this process. These crystals remind us of our original blueprint for human correction during this time of change and ascension, in consciousness and energies.

    This unification is also a remembrance of gentleness and strength. The Nirvana (meaning enlightenment) Ice Crystal helps us form the potential that we have buried within our delusions and illusions from the past memory of what we believe. Truth and belief are not always the same and these crystals awaken the truth from within.

    Use these crystals in pairs of one white crystal and one pink crystal during meditation. Begin with the pink at the heart and the white at the third eye or crown and then, when intuitively guided, exchange positions. You will find a sweet, calmness move through you as your meditation continues. Allow these crystals to help you to remember the gratitude of trust and potential while releasing the old stagnant limitations of fear, doubt and violence.