Glossary of Stones

  • Pearl

    Pearl has long been associated with royalty, Christianity, June weddings, graduations, and sweet sixteen birthdays. Considered exotic and romantic (and natural or non-cultured Pearl is still expensive) Pearl is connected to the depths of the mysterious seas, found randomly within the heart of large clam-shells. Pearl is actually Aragonite (calcium carbonate) arranged in concentric layers around a small nuclear body. This originating nuclear body can be a grain of sand, mud, clay or other organic material introduced within the shell. The main difference between cultured and uncultured is that the nucleus has been artificially inserted into the shell when creating cultured Pearl.

    Pearls are very balancing since they speak to us of the equal values of the etheric and the physical realms. It’s spherical shape reminds us of perfection and the inclusiveness of the continuation of all things within nature and the heavens…true oneness at its finest. It is harmonious because it brings Light as iridescence and symbolically shows the Christ Light manifested into the physical reality.

    Pearl blends the animal and mineral kingdoms through its simple make-up and thus is helpful to humanity in helping bring peaceful resolution between the humans and the animals by providing us with that sense of oneness. It helps remind us of our own animal nature and the connection between all living, sentient beings. It helps us to be more kind and loving to all of our relations.

    Traditionally Pearl represents truth, faith, charity and spiritual knowledge. To hold the “Pearl of Wisdom” was thought to bestow upon the bearer the highest form of Divine Love and warranted the person with not just responsibility for sharing the knowledge, but trust that the person knew through their Higher Self they were capable of sharing on all levels. Pearl opens the heart and allows openness and alignment with the whole. Pearl also helps integrate more electrical or dynamic crystal energies.

    As an elixir, Pearl makes the bones less brittle and strengthens the nerves, especially those associated with the kidneys and the brain. It aids digestion with its calming effect and clears the mind. It is a great elixir for aid in understanding motherhood. It is highly recommended for emotional difficulties, giving them balance and flexibility.